Owner Testimonials

Satisfied with every thing and very professional staff

Mehdi B. - Landlord

I liked your eagerness and openness to work with me and my individual renting/home situation. All County was trustworthy and consistent. Thank you!

Gianina N. - Landlord

It truly is the best way to rent out your property. Any problems they take care of everything. Plus at the end of the year you receive a statement with all you need for your taxes. If you have rental properties you should use All County Property Management.

Stephanie B. - Landlord

The ease of everything being done no headaches whatsoever thanks for all the hard work

Emmanuel S. - Landlord

We are very satisfied with All County Property Management. They are very professional and quickly respond to any situations that may come up.

Philippe C. - Landlord

What I like about you and your services: you're prompt and efficient, you leave nothing to chance, you're knowledgeable of opportunities that exceed your functionary duties, you're honest and maintain a character of unshakable integrity, and you've incorporated a code of ethics along with the moral fiber that put my interests before those of the company or individuals representing my interests. Simply put, All County has my best interests at heart, a quality our current government sadly lacks.

David D. - Landlord

Excellent service! Prompt response by Pranish Sharma made the communication very effective. Yes, we will recommend your service to our friends and families. Thank you!

Syed H.

Prompt responses to questions/concerns. Very professional! It is clear that Yarmmys and her team's goal is to provide exceptional service.

Heather M.

The company is well organized and operates like a well-oiled machine. Even during their relocation their organization remained consistent. The turnaround time on maintenance requests is short and the staff are always friendly. I've been renting through this company for two years now and have noticed consistency the entire time.

Ashanti J.

I want to express my satisfaction with Vicky for the help and support she provided my family and me. If there was ever an issue, I was able to bring it to her attention and she was on top of things in a moments notice. She always took time to personally make sure we were informed on any pending matters with the house we were renting through All County CFL Property. With time comes change and we were later reassigned to another Property Manager. I just want to say as long as Vicky is with All County I would be more than happy to refer someone to her for their housing needs - and care thereafter. Thanks Vicky.

James J., Orlando, FL